Co-Scholastic Curriculum

Co-Scholastic Curriculum

Co-Scholastic Curriculum

The school offers opportunities to children to explore new areas and develop their interests through co-scholastic activities. The children are motivated to develop their talents in such activities. The school offers special coaching in Karate, Classical Dance, Vocal Music, Art & Craft and Sports. The school promotes cultural traditions and Value-based Co-curricular Activities to make the students feel proud of their Nation by celebrating all festivals with full zeal and enthusiasm. It also helps students in gaining an insight into other cultures so that they learn to respect and celebrate the cultural homogeneity as well as heterogeneity of our country. The General Assembly is a weekly feature. Each House (SREE, HARI, SOMA and SURYA) will present various programs during the assembly. It serves as a stage for students to showcase their latent talents. To enable students to emerge as holistic individuals, students are moulded through club activities such as Karuna Club, Nature Club, Literary Club, Heritage Club, Interact Club, Health Club, Scouts and Guides, JRC, NCC and RSP.

  • Classical Dance

    Classical Dance

  • Classical


  • Music


  • Keyboard


  • Art & Craft

    Art & Craft

  • Karate


  • Silambam


  • Yoga


  • Sports Academy

    Sports Academy

  • Spoken English

    Spoken English