Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Principal’s Message


Here in Jain Vidyaashram we nurture children to become independent learners we encourage them to excel in their areas of interest Our ultimate aim is to develop a passion for learning.

It is believed that every seed has in it the potential to become a forest, every rock has in it the potential to become a statue, and every child has in him the potential to become a legend. So every child has to be nurtured holistically.

The youth of today can change the world tomorrow Each and Every child should know that he/she is capable of bringing the change that the community requires today and only then we can see our country progress from a developing to a developed country.

Every child is a rare, unique, original masterpiece. In Our Institution they will moulded to grow up into a healthy, Productive, happy and compassionate citizens we assure you from the cocoon of Jain Vidyaashram vibrant and colourful butterflies will emerge.