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09th Oct 2019


Jain Vidyaashram celebrated 'Navaratri' or 'Dussera' in its usual splendour but unusual theme. With a majestical peacock background, the central stand was set traditionally with the bottom most step arranged with the idols of birds and animals, the next ascending step occupied by Human beings, next by leaders,next by Gurus, next by incarnations thus leading to the top most occupied by the Supreme Gods. The whole arrangement symbolised evolution.

The unusual theme that set all the department on their toes is 'The Nine Virtues'.

1.Patience       2.Motherhood       3.Loneliness       4.Mercy       5.Humanity       6.Truthfulness       7.Service       8.Honesty       9.Success

Besides the central display, beautiful exhibits, charts, wall hangings, models on the above mentioned themes were neatly arranged. The display of each department spoke loud and clear about the theme chosen. Bhajans and prasadam added more flavour to the celebration.

The teachers felt that such a celebration not only exuded happiness around but also tightened the bond and intimacy among the members of the institution. It also paved way for sharing of knowledge and exploration of one's innate talents.

The ultimate purpose of Navaratri celebration is Triumph of Good over Evil. The Final Aarti melted everyone in devotion, washing away the evil within. It promised the dawn of Hope and Goodness around. People at the pooja felt blessed and prayed for the welfare of the entire humanity.

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06th Oct 2019

MEGA EXPO – UTKARSH 2019 at Jain Vidyaashram KG Block

Jain Vidyaashram recently had a MEGA EXPO – "UTKARSH- 2019" involving the students of PRE K.G to II std emphasizing on environmental education. Our Energetic Joint Secretary Mr. P.C. Chopra and Dynamic Principal Mrs. Esther Stanley inaugurated the Expo. Around 2000 parents visited the expo. And gave their feed back, appreciation and heartful thanks for the effort taken by the teachers students and the parents. Since Environmental Studies has been deleted from the curriculum, the management took initiative to teach the concepts through experimental way "Learning by doing". The children exhibited around 350 projects to learn and to teach their age group. Starting from dances of India, Railway station, Hospital ,Seasons, Road Traffic rules, Zoo, Forest, Schemes of Indian government – Swachh Barath, Jal Abhiyan, Beti Padaoho, Beti Bachaovo, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Segregation of garbages, My school, Alphabets identification, young one of animals, Animals and their Homes, save trees, Grammar park, super markets, Flag identification, Domestic Animals, Puppet Theatre, My India, My pride, Post office, Transport, Brain Bay Activities (vedic math) Yogasanas, Indian culture and Heritage, Phonics, Science in our day- to-day life(The Scientific approach behind our customs), Mythological values. Our Festivals, Traditional games, different types of houses etc. Primary children had a very good exposure through this.

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16th Sep 2019

GREEN SCHOOL DRIVE DAY at Jain Vidyaashram

Nature Club Observed the 'Green School Drive Day' by organizing 'The Medicinal plant expo' on 16.09.2019 & 17.09.2019. It was a two day event. The expo was inaugurated by our Joint Secretary Shri.P.C.Chopra and our honourable Principal Smt. Esther Stanley. The main focus of the celebration was making the students aware of the benefits of medicinal plants. Various saplings which were brought by students of Classes I to XII were exhibited. Holding bright and vibrant placard, the students enthusiastically participated in the expo. Various saplings like Kesavardhini (Eclipta Prostrata), Keezhanelli (Phyllanthus Niruri), Karpooravalli (Plectranthus Amboinicus), Aloevera, Basil, Menthol, Lemon Grass, Hibiscus, Curry Leaves etc along with many rare and common medicinal plants were exhibited. Students of all the classes along with teachers visited the expo. The students with best placard and rare medicinal plants were selected. Prizes and Certificates were distributed accordingly.

Nature Club organized a plantation drive where the students planted saplings of medicinal values and common tree species in the school premises. It was a great experience for the students and Club incharges. They enjoyed the activity. A tag with student’s name, class, section and scientific name of the plant was also attached with plant saplings. Planting trees connected the children with nature and showed them that their small contribution makes a big difference to the campus making it greener. This activity also improved their awareness about conservation of nature.


17th Aug 2019


The event "Blind Folded Conversation" was organised by Jain Vidyaashram in association with 'Val-Ed' on 17th August, saw a turnout of more than 250 parents of students from classes VI to VIII. This group was a combination of parents and students. The main idea of the blind folded conversation was to design and figure out the expectations of parents and children.

29th Jul 2019


K.G Department observed "International Tigers Day" on 29.07.2019 Monday. K.G children with their tiger masks on their faces urged everyone to "Save Tigers".

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