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09th Nov 2019


Jain Vidyaashram is renowned for its values. We as a school not only teach values but also practice it.

Jain Vidyaashram has conducted a workshop for teachers in Association with Val-Ed Initiatives on the topic "India 2020" at its own campus on 9th November 2019.

We had a overwhelming response. The teachers were divided into 5 groups. Each group is titled with a State's name. The teachers were instructed to construct a modern city which required balancing efforts towards developing Infrastructure, Education, Health, Culture, Politics, etc.

The game based learning activity provided the teachers deeply personalized learning and helped to collaborate and learn from others and forge stronger professional bond. Self reflection will help understand one's intellectual process, ability to work in teams, handle pressure, strategic capabilities, creativity and work ethics, in short develop 21st century character.

Values are the principles of life, which are conductive to one's physical, social and mental health. To inculcate desirable values through education is felt necessary and for this purpose JV prepares the teachers.

The workshop was conducted effectively in such a manner that the teachers  did not even break the session for tea. The workshop was continued till 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon.

The games of active participation from 45 teachers from 6th to 12th, whose involvement, effort and commitment was commendable. The feedback from teachers regarding the event through the successful execution.

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08th Nov 2019


The students of grade VI, VII, VIII of Jain Vidyaashram visited Goushala enthusiastically on 08/11/19 where a large number of cows are given shelter and taken good care. The visit was a unique experience in order to encourage the young minds towards compassion. The students were very excited because it was perhaps their first visit to such a place. Teachers explained in detail how cows are fed and are taken care of. They were also explained how they are important for the environment.

Children were able to feed the cows glass, banana and jaggery. Cows happily accepted their feed.

This visit was indeed an informative and motivative for performing compassion for the children.

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08th Nov 2019


In accordance to the students of Jain Vidyaashram showed their remarkable social responsibility by taking part in temple cleaning. The very ancient and famous “Thirumoola Nadhar swamy” temple, Puzhal was selected to carry out the activity. Around 30 students Class X from Karuna Club, Jain Vidyaashram took part in this activity. The students enthusiastically involved in cleaning the whole temple. Students removed the papers & plastic covers in and around the temple, broomed and cleaned the complete flooring with soap oil and water. The Spirit of preserving our monuments spic & span was cultivated in the young minds.

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28th Oct 2019


The NCC CATC (combined annual training camp) for the year 2019 2020 was conducted at Vel Tech engineering college, Avadi during 1st to 10th October 2019. A total of 500 cadets from 10 schools and five colleges participated in this camp. 19 NCC cadets from Jain vidyaashram took part in this enriching camp under the guidance of the commanding officer, Mr.D.S.Mandhotra – Lt. Col 1 (TN) R & V SQN. The everyday routine activities, guest lectures and cultural activities proved to be a learning ground for the cadets- Besides, the adventures like rifle shooting firing, Drill and Tug-Off-War etc, the social drives such as clean India camping, personal maintenance, and spiritual initiatives like meditation , Yoga etc., kept the campus engaged round the clock. 

The March past practice of the uniform cadets in perfect coordination was a great sight. The camp rejuvenated patriotism and man-making values in the young minds. The valedictory function was held on 10th October where all the prize winners were honoured. We are proud to announce that our JV adets won the first place in Drill performance. Our NCC cadets bagged second prize in Tug-Off- War. Cadet Leshmitha B S won 1 st prize,  nd Cadet Sai Vikash won 3 rd prize in Solo Singing. Cadet R. Jagadeesh and Cadet G. Jai Dharshini won 2 nd Prize in Firing. Cadet R. Jagadeesh won 3 rd prize in Solo Dance.

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16th Oct 2019

WORLD FOOD DAY at Jain Vidyaashram KG Block

Jain Vidyaashram celebrated “ WORLD FOOD DAY” on 16 th October K.G children as Chef brought nutritious food from home. They shared the nutrient value of that food among others I std. students gave speech on “ STAY HEALTHY, STAY FIT,” “SAY NO TO JUNK FOOD” “Children sang many rhymes on healthy food. Teachers dressed up like various fruits, vegetables, Millets and cereals to emphasize on healthy food habits, thus, the Kids went home with the essence of having Nutrient food. To create an awareness about healthy food and dietary habits the school organized an intraclass FOOD FEST. Information corners, placards and display boards emphasized the importance of nutritious and healthy food habits. Terminology of ‘ Healthy eating” doesn’t mean that you’ll have to follow a strict diet or renounce your lovely food.

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