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04th Dec 2019


Jain Vidyaashram always motivates the students to keep up healthy food habits. Today, on 4 th December, 2019, students of class V performed the assembly programme on the topic "Healthy food VS Junk food" to inculcate the significance of healthy food items and the demerits of junk food items among students.

In the assembly they have recited a Thirukkural based on healthy eating habits and a thought for the day as well. They sang a song in Tamil mentioning the merits and demerits of different food items.

They also disguised themselves as vegetables and listed out the benefits of it the speech about healthy food habits by Sowjanya from Class V – G was phenomenal.

The students concluded the programme by shooting questions related to healthy food Vs. Junk food to the students. The scholars answered it eagerly and the correct answers were appreciated.

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01st Dec 2019


Thirukural Mandabam and Aaivu Maiyam celebrated its 50th golden jubilee by conducting a Thirukural reciting competition in Tiruvannamalai district on 1st December 2019 .

We proudly state that G. Aishwarya of class 3 from Jain Vidyaashram participated in the competition and returned with flying colours.

She bagged first prize in the 1st round and she won 2nd prize in the  final level of competition.  The chairperson Mr S. Srenikarajan Jain, Tindivanam, appreciated her magnificient performance and awarded her with 2 certificates , a medal and a shield.   It is heartening to see our student standing proudly wearing medal and holding certificate.

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21st Nov 2019


Whether Traditional Games Will Take Up The Place Of Mobile Phones?

We observed Universal Children’s Day at Jain Vidyaashram, K.G.Block on 21.11.2019 Thursday. The students observed “NO BAG DAY”. Teachers played many traditional games along with the students such as PALLANKUZHI, (TOP) BUMBARAM, PACHAI KUDHIRAI, KALLANGA, KANNA MOOCHI, ORU KODAM THANNI OOTRI, KORU KALAIKA MUNDHRIKKA Every child enjoyed playing these games. The students from Class I gave speech on one traditional game and its importance in our life. All the Children were benefitted out of this “ TRADITIONAL REVIVE DAY”.

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17th Nov 2019


Martial arts is gaining more popularity and interest in the youngsters these days as it is being practised for a number of reasons such as self-defence, military, law enforcement application etc. Catering to the immense interest of the students Jain Vidyaashram gives an exclusive exposure to develop and excel in such art forms.

Recently a team of 45 students from Jain Vidyaashram participated in the Nastional Level Open Karate Championship 2019 conducted by Neelakandan Kempo Karate Academy of India held on 17.11.2019 at ICF A.Palanisamy Multi Sport Hall, Ayanavaram, Chennai, where all the students performed excellently under different categories in Kumite and Kate and bagged the 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd position in the same. The Principal honoured the students in the assembly and encouraged them to participate in more such events in future.

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16th Nov 2019


Jain Vidyaashram aims to promote compassion, kindness, love and respect towards all the living beings. The school has organised a meeting with Poonam Chandra Vijaya Swamiji on 16 th November 2019 and 22 nd November 2019. He preached karuna values to a group of teachers and students.

Karuna Club encourages values such as kindness and compassion towards animals. It motivates both adult and children to follow vegetarianism. He educated the gathering about the importance of animals lives and how we are depleting it. He interpreted that we get all essential nutrients for the body from the vegetarian food and the non-vegetarian food is only hazardous.

He demonstrated that non-vegetarians are violent and arrogant with an example of a lion and a plant eating deer. He wrapped up the session with a note that the non-vegetarians are inhumane.

Many students and teachers realised the advantages of vegetarianism and they took pledge to become vegetarians. Their transformation was appreciated and acknowledged with a certificate, cash award and a shield by the Vice – President of Karuna International Mr. SURESH KANKARIA on 29 th November 2019.

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