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11th Dec 2019


" Among all the languages we know, we do not see anywhere, any as sweet as Tamil"- Subramanya Bharathi     

On account of Bharathiyar’s birthday, Tamil day was celebrated in a grand manner at Jain vidyaashram by Bharathiyar Club on 11th December, 2019. The programme commenced at 1:00 p.m. The Chief Guests Mr P.C. Chopra, the Joint Secretary, Mr. Rihaansh Chordia, Mrs.Esther Stanley, The Principal, Mrs Aruna, Vice Principal, initiated the program by igniting the lamp.

A wonderful welcome speech was delivered by Kausalya, Joint Secretary of Bharathiyar Club. Deepika of Class VII recited 50 Thirukkurals. Many students attired themselves as Bharathiar, Avvaiyar, Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas and displayed their significance. Bharatanatyam was performed in which the Little Krishna swirled around the Gopikas. Many traditional dances were carried out like Oyillattam, Thappattam, Karakattam and traditional games like Pambaram, Gilli, Goli were demonstrated by the students. Students from KG took part in debate on the motion ‘Is Indian culture alive in today’s life?’ and students of Classes IX and XI on the motion ‘what plays a vital role in today’s life - Money / Virtue?’. Mr Ramu HOD, Tamil presided over the debate and  he presented retrospective speech. He inspired the young Minds with 1230 words. The effort taken by the secretaries and teachers were commendable. The skit performed by the students sensationalized the on lookers with the message ‘Save Agriculture’. Harish Raghaventhar, the Secretary presented a heartfelt Vote of Thanks mentioning the everlasting words of Bharathi and other Tamil poets proving that JV esteems Tamil literature and culture.

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10th Dec 2019


Nature Club organized a competition on the topic “Conservation of Water” on 10.12.2019 Students from all the classes (III – XII) participated enthusiastically in the competition under their respective houses (Sree, Surya, Soma, Hari). Vibrant and colourful charts related to the theme were very well presented by the students. It proved to be great opportunity for them to showcase their talent and ability. The competition was judged by the Joint Secretary Shri.P.C.Chopra and other dignitaries. Respective houses were awarded the points. Soma house won the competition with 45 points followed by Sree and Surya with 40 points respectively. Hari was awarded 36 points thereby bagging the third place.

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10th Dec 2019


A mind blowing exhibition of Maths was masterminded by the Ramanujan Club of Jain Vidyaashram on 10 th & 11 th December 2019. Students from Classes III to IX have played a part in this exhibition and have exhibited a lot of models. The Expo was inaugurated by Mr.Rihaansh Chordia, Joint Secretary Mr.P.C.Chopra, Mrs. Esther Stanley, Principal and Mrs. S.Aruna, Vice Principal. The visitors were welcomed by the Secretary of Ramanujam Club, Noel P Jacob, and Srinithi, Joint Secretary of Ramanujam Club. The models were segregated based on Art Integration.

Math concepts, Math game zones and real life examples. The Primary school students had displayed models on basis Mathematics like shapes, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The middle and high school students modelled many frameworks on fractions, proportions, congruence of triangle, probability, areas and volumes etc. The models were well elucidated by our students. There were working models, riddles, quiz etc. to boost their brains. This exhibition gave the students some good turn to comprehend the mathematical concepts more easier.

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09th Dec 2019


Learning never stops. The moment a teacher stops being a student, the teaching process becomes ineffective.

The teachers of Jain Vidyaashram attended a workshop on 21st century skills.. This workshop was designed for teachers and it assisted them in incorporating teaching and assessment of 21st century skills into their classrooms. It provided them with an understanding of the challenges associated with teaching and assessment of 21st century skills.

Mrs. Seethalakshmi Viswanath, Principal at Amrita International School, Bangalore enlightened JV teachers with her experiences. She explained the social and cognitive skills that are known as 21st century skills, how these skills can be represented in the curriculum, in terms of developmental progressions. It also explores how teachers can recognize these skills in students, how the level of skill of a learner can be assessed, and then how learners can be supported to develop their skill.

Her opening line was an eye opener for all Teachers ."We have 21st century learners taught by 20th century teachers in 19th century classroom"

In today’s age of technology and the Internet, children are exposed to a wide range of learning platforms. This has also drastically impacted the way students absorb information, learn and interact daily. She guided the teachers with multiple ideas to handle the tech kids.

The most pressing question today for schools is whether the teaching methods adopted by their teachers stays effective and relevant to the ever-changing needs of the 21st century classroom. The answer is fairly simple: The rise of the 21st century student demands the growth of the 21st century educator. Schools can address this through - effectively and continuously educating & training their teachers. Therefore CBSE aids the teachers to enhance their skills.

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05th Dec 2019


Fine Arts Club of Jain Vidyaashram has organized Art & Craft Exhibition 2019 on 5 th December 2019 at Arihant hall in its campus. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr.Raj Chordia, the CAO of Jain Vidyaashram who was the Chief guest of the ceremony. Students of all classes involved in the creative activity.

The Chief guest and the crowd watched in astonishment as the students Vishnu A, Arthi P of Class IX, M M Akshaya Lakshmi of Class X and M Kiruthika, G Mohana Krishnan, R Sham of Class XI made a splendid live art of CAO, Sri. Raj Chordia.

The aim of the exhibition is to elicit the hidden talent of the students. JV Fine Art Club trains the students reform, recycle and make useful things out of waste materials.

Clay modelling, the painting of glass, leaves, clothes and scenery were phenomenal. Their craft work such as flower pot, embroidery, paper quilling, beads, knitting were remarkable.

Creativity fosters mental health as well by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas,a new way of thinking and problem solving.

The effort taken by the Art & Craft teachers in stimulating and mentoring the students is appreciable. The parents visited the displays and commended the students work.

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