Events list

1. NCC was inaugurated in school. Col.Grewal, Naib Subedar T. Gopi, the Junior Commissioned Officer and CHM M.Munusamy , the non – commissioned officer presided over the function and addressed the assembly of NCC trainers and students.

2. ‘World Health Day’ was celebrated on 7th April 2016. A plethora of events such Diet display, skit, yogasana, meditation, Heath camp took place in series spreading health awareness far and wide.

3. Filial love was well expressed by the children during the Father’s Day celebration at the school campus. Students delivered emotional and sensational speech glorifying fatherhood. Notice board decoration and Placards added more colour to the celebration.

4. ‘International Yoga Day’ was celebrated on 21st June 2016.The students under the guidance of the yoga trainer demonstrated about 20 postures in yogasana and expounded the benefits. Mass Yoga practice which included 1200 students was conducted in the o

5. NVan Mahotsav was celebrated with all enthu during the fourth week of June . The Go –green drive included speech , skit , song ect., highlighting the benefits of trees. Students presented saplings to make the campus greener.