Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

The Chief Administrative Officer’s Message


The quality of the future purely depends on the quality of children and their upbringing. As a well wisher, I have spoken more of this to my teachers and my students and I'm still trying all doors to bring QUALITY in all spheres. However, without parents' co-operation and co-ordination, this mammoth task will definitely never bear fruits. Hence, I use this space to address the parents on their role in shaping future India.

Parents, I know that the amount of sacrifice you commit for your child's welfare is immeasurable, but the point is does it serve good?


Knowledge can be gained by the press of a button, but what about the attitude? Being in the field of education, I have seen parents helplessly watching their children being addicted to one of the many evils prevailing in the society.

Having looked into many a case - study, I would say, PARENTS STOP! Stop the futile race that you are in and shift the focus towards your children.

The best thing you can gift your child besides good education is TIME. Spend quality time with children sharing their joys and sorrows.

Train them to expect the best but also be prepared for the worst.

Show them not only the roses but also the thorns. Help them to handle success and failure as well.

Train them to live within the law of the house, earn within the ethical parameters and spend within the prescribed norms.

Enable them to see GODDESS in WOMEN and GOD in MEN.

Exemplify to forgive and forget wrong. Strengthen their trust in God and law of Karma.

Inspire them to do one good deed everyday.

Advocate them to respect teachers and elders.

Most importantly,
Do not compare, rather tap their potential that makes them unique.

Resolve to bring up your child so well that others long to beget one. Parents! Be the change you wish to see in your child. Yes, mark my words. The change should begin from you, for the children are good in listening but the best in imitating.

Be a role model, be your child's hero... Happy parenting.